Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading 4 the Top: Librarian of Basra

The Librarian of Basra:

Written and illustrated by Janette Winter

A True Story from Iraq

From the dedication page:
Q What Holy book is mentioned on the dedication page?
A the Koran

Q What was the first thing said in the Koran to Muhammad?
A Read

Q What was the name of the librarian?
A Alia Baker

Q In the book Ali Baker's middle name and Anis the restaurant owner's last name are the same as the Muslim prophets name. What is it.
A Muhammad

Q In what city did the book take place?
A Basra

Q How is the city of Basra described?
A A port city

Q In what country does the story take place?
A Iraq a sand-swept country

Q What was her library used for?
A A meeting place to discuss the world and the spirit

Q Alia Baker says books are more important to her than what?
A A mountain of gold

Q How old is the book on the biography of Muhammad?
A seven hundred years

Q Who does Alia Baker ask for permission to move the books to a safe place?
A the governor

Q Does the governor let her move the books?
A no he refuses to let her move the books

Q After the governor refuses to let her move the books what does she do?
A Uses her car to move books to her house every night

Q What happens when whispers of the war grew?
A The government offices are moved into the library and soldiers to the roof

Q After the government workers and soldiers leave who helps Alia Baker?
A Her friend Anis Muhammad who owns a restaurant beside the library

Q What does she use to wrap the books to move them to the resturant?
A curtains, crates and sacks

Q How tall is the wall by the library?
A Seven feet

Q After the books are moved, How long is it before the Library burns to the ground?
A nine days
Q What do the soldiers ask Anis at the restaurant when the come?
A Why do you have a gun

Q What does Anis the restaurant owner answer to their question?
A To protect my business

Q What happens to the books in the restaurant?
A They are moved by truck to Alia Baker’s house and the house of friends.

Q How many books are there?
A thirty thousand

Q As Alia Baker waits for peace what does she dream of?
A peace and a new library

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